Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!! and Wear-It Wednesday

Hello lovelies!! So sorry I've been absent. The holidays were great and I hope yours were too. My sisters came to visit--Ashley from Erie and Aimee from Charlotte. Ashley could only stay for the long weekend, but Aimee was here for a week. We all spent Christmas together and went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I received so many great gifts including a nail dryer for my Sunday night manicure. :)

That brings me to my next topic! I have some exciting things planned for my blog--a couple theme days to start. Mondays will be Manicure Monday (which is pretty self-explanatory) and something I'll be highlighting today--Wear-It Wednesday where I'll share my favorite runway looks and trends. That will come a little later in the post.
I also wanted to talk about resolutions. They are so hard to keep. Why is that? And why do we insist on making the same ones if we knew they didn't work last year? I guess all we can do is try to do and be better. Which is where some of my resolutions come from. Over the past year, I actually changed my eating habits and started walking almost everyday and I lost 30 pounds. One of my resolutions is to keep that going and drop more weight. I don't set a goal so I am not disappointed when I don't reach it, but am happy when I see the scale go down. It helps that I got new walking sneakers for Christmas and picked up Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.
The next resolution I made is extremely relevant--to blog more!! I really enjoy it and definitely need to make it a more regular thing. 
And finally, I have resolved to not let people take advantage of me or take me for granted. This may be the hardest one to keep as  I am definitely a people pleaser and never want to ruffle any feathers. It comes with the territory of being a middle child.
Anyways. I'm going to work hard at all of these and they will definitely give me something to talk about here.
On to Wear-It Wednesday!
This winter, I am loving a lot of things but today, I want to spotlight peplum! For those that don't really know what peplums are, it's pretty much a ruffle or flounce attached to a skirt. They definitely recall those days when ladies were ladies and wore gloves and hats. A lot of designers showcased that on the runways in a lot of different ways.
Jason Wu-Spring 2012
He's doing a line for Target that debuts in February--so excited!

more Jason Wu.

Peplum shirt from

and a little twist to the peplum trend from Dries Van Noten!

What are your thoughts on the peplum trend? It's definitely something I want to try out for spring. I absolutely LOVE anything retro.
(I just told my mom I'll be getting a peplum skirt from Torrid and she told me I don't need anymore flounce. Oh, mom!)

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