Thursday, January 12, 2012

hello again!

as promised, I'm back for my second post, full of Birchbox and Zoya goodness!
Plus a trend I'm loving right now.
Both of my packages arrived today, just as I predicted. I was so excited to get my first Birchbox that I opened it even before I took my coat off!
(I have a bit of an obsession with damask)

my goodies this month included a sample of granola from 'wichcraft out of NYC, Juicy Couture perfume, VMV Hypoallergenics under-eye cream, Miracle Skin Transformer concealer, and a mini Zoya Megan from the Feel collection. That was mom's favorite part. She grabbed that and tried it out right away.

another package that came today was my Zoya order from their promo where you got 2 polishes free and just paid S&H. I picked out LC (coral-y red) and Erika (pink with gold shimmer). Cross those off my list! 
I can't wait to try all my goodies out :)

Now, for our belated edition of Wear-It Wednesday.
A trend I'm really loving right now is the comeback of tights in every color and print. It's something so easy but can add so much to your everyday outfit.
(picture credit: Maisonstyle)

(forever 21)

and, my favorite, that I've seen
those legs belong to the lovely Abbie over at 5 Days, 5 Ways. I love these tights!!

What is your take on patterned tights? Are you more of a solids kinda girl? Or maybe fishnets? Tell me about it!!


  1. i see some really cool products ;)
    I need to get birch box. everyone gets such cute stuff. :)

    Love your blog :)
    new follower.

  2. thanks doll! Yours is super-cute :)
    Definitely sign up for Birchbox...I already love it!

  3. thank you for the comment. :) Im updating the blog post right away! just for you :) check it out when you get a chance.
    hope you can follow me :)