Thursday, January 5, 2012

I don't wanna lose your love toniiiiiight

Do you ever just have a dream that sticks with you all day? That you can remember, scene for scene? I had one of those last night. With everything that's been going on lately, you'd think I'd be having nightmares, but this dream was pretty good.
I should start by saying how much I love Gabe Saporta (follow him on twitter here) from Cobra Starship/Midtown. He's so fly, so handsome, so talented.
I actually had kind of a run-in with him one night while out with friends. We were in the "hipster" district of Buffalo called Allentown and all of a sudden, he was coming out of a local sub shop/chain. I rolled down my window and just shouted, "Gabe!! I love you!!" Not the most original, I know, but it's all my teenage heart could muster at that moment. He said he loved me back, anyways :)
Why am I telling you all about my love affair with this electro-hipster? Because he was the star of my dream last night. Most that I can remember is him. Cobra Starship was playing at a school auditorium and when I happened upon the very sparse audience, they were performing a Midtown favorite of mine--a cover of The Outfield's "Your Love." I figured that with the few people that were in the audience, this was now my chance to impress Gabe and maybe even have a shot with him. This is why it was a dream. Never in a million years would this be happening. I remember finally getting to see him and hug him and get my picture with him. When I hugged him, he was SO SKINNY!! Skinny is not my type at all. Neither is overly muscular. I just like a guy somewhere in between ;)
And that was my dream. It may have happened because I fell asleep with the song in my head and also had some very chocolatey milk before bed.

What's been  your favorite dream that you can remember lately?

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