Monday, January 23, 2012

Mani Monday-January 23, 2012

Hey lovelies! Happy Monday to you ladies! Hope you had a great weekend.
Posting two days in a row-that's a good sign! I have for you this week's manicure featuring Zoya Erika.
Zoya Erika is a baby pink with gold shimmer. It goes on pretty sure and it took me 4 coats to achieve the opacity that you see here.
This is directly under a lamp
This is with a flash...from my iPhone camera, which takes pretty decent picture.  In these shots, you can see VNL (visible nail line) so just ignore that.
I wanted to do something fun this week so I got out some scotch tape and went to it.
Scotch tape manis are easy to do!! Just make sure that you stick the tape to your palm a couple of times to get some of the sticky off. I didn't de-stick mine enough and look what happened to my middle finger :(
For the black triangles, I just used Art Deco Black nail art polish with brush.
Like my pjs? I love Chandeliers! I think it goes along with my damask print obssession.

My sister, Ashley, is also hopping on the nail polish train and I'm definitely rubbing off on her. She did a fun little mani last weekend. Here's what it looks like:
And here's what she told me about it:
I used Ulta Mango as my base and Zoya Ashley for the tip. Ulta's Mango has a subtle gold shimmer which I liked, even though I am not a big fan of gold. This color, from Ulta's Salon Formula Nail Lacquer line, went on very easily and smoothly with no globs. I have found any color from this line goes on as such, hence why I'm a big fan of it. Most of my nail polish collection is from Ulta's line.. Zoya's Ashley is beautiful just like me >:)
(and like the person who bought it for her...ME!)It's best described as a lovely berry color and it complimented Ulta's Mango quite nicely. Me gusta. This color combination would be awesome in the summertime. Although I stumbled upon it in mid-January, it was still very pretty--just perfect to brighten up the dull winter outside.
I'm so proud of her :')
That's all from here. Hope you have a great day!!

xo, ali

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