Monday, January 16, 2012

Mani Monday-Jan 16, 2011

hello, my lovelies!! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and that the beginning of your week went smoothly :)
Mine sure was. My sister and I work for banks so we benefit from government holidays, so that meant Ashley was able to come home for a long weekend which, coincidentally, was my mom's birthday weekend! Lots of fun was had.
We finally got our first big snowfall in the Buffalo area on Friday morning, but luckily it stopped by afternoon and Ashley was able to drive up that evening and there was lots of Sex & the City watching. 
Saturday was a big day...I got my dad tickets to see Van Halen for an early birthday present. They're coming in March and I am so excited! Ashley and I went to go see Beauty & the Beast in 3D and it was just like when we were kids, seeing it in the theaters for the first time. I love that movie so much :')
Volunteering Saturday night was a blast. I helped get my first cat adopted, a sweet little girl named Amber and we also got in a litter of 5 2-month old kittens. I can almost guarantee they will be gone by the time I go back next Saturday :(
Sunday was my mom's actual birthday and we celebrated by following a family tradition of going to Mass followed by breakfast at our favorite local diner. Later in the day, we went to dinner where I had AMAZING grilled salmon with herb butter. Om nom nom.
Ashley went back this afternoon and I miss her terribly already :( but we will most likely Skype soon and see each other on the next bank holiday. (Hi Ashley!)
I ordered my iPhone this weekend and it should be here tomorrow. I'm super super excite and can't wait to play with it. As much as I hate to say this, the first app I will probably download is Instagram because I am a closet hipster haha. Enough of that. Onto the nails!!

This week's mani is brought to you by Zoya LC and OPI Save Me from the Nicki Minaj collection.
This is 2 coats with Gelous base coat and one coat of Essie No Chips Ahead. I was very happy with how smoothly it streaks or globs or bald spots. And opaque in one coat! I am in love with the color, too...such a bright coral red creme and it wears really well, too.
But, of course, I got bored and anxious to try out some of my new polishes that I picked up this weekend, so I added an accent nail.
One coat of Save Me with Essie No Chips Ahead
Save me is a holo glitter with both flecks and bar glitter in turquoise and silver. LOVE.
My mom asked me why I only had one nail painted like that so I had to explain the purpose of   an accent nail. She told me that my grandma used to forget to paint a nail and that was her accent nail. Then, she noticed that Hanna had an accent nail on Pretty Little Liars and pointed that out to me. I love my mom.
I do not love that I have to go to work tomorrow :( 
How was your weekend? What's on your nails right now? Talk to me :)

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