Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blink and you miss it!

That's how I'm feeling life has been the past couple of weeks. Every aspect of my life has been so busy; the end of the year is just flying by!!
I wanted to post real quick to let my lovelies know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet...yet.
(Just kidding!)
Work has been absolutely crazy! In November, we doubled our mortgage portfolio and now we are trying to get everything squared away, which means there is overtime available! Overtime=more $$=Ali getting her iPhone faster!
Plus, I've been going crazy trying to get everything ready for Christmas. I finally finished ALL my shopping on Saturday with the help of one of my besties, Blair. The mall was PACKED!! But I managed to get it done and pick up my craft supplies for some of the gifts I'm making (Pintrest tutorials, ftw!). And I am going to be making those projects tonight, along with the jewelry set I'm making for my mom :)
And I've been watching A LOT of Bones on Netflix, so that gets in the way too.
Oh, and there has been personal drama, and I'll try to see what I can do with that in this forum without whining too much ;)
Hopefully, once everything calms down, I'll be able to post with more regularity (if I dont get distracted by David Boreanaz...mmmmmm).

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