Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge, Day 8: The Christmas List!

Good afternoon, lovelies!! Another day, another little post for the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge. Today's (yesterday's) topic is (was): The Christmas List. My favorite!!
I make mine out by November 1st each year and when I was little, I remember making it even earlier, whenever the Sears or Penney's catalog would come. Ashley and I would sprawl out on the living room floor and make our lists. Mine was very organized, of course, and I made sure my mom had an easy time finding the items in the catalog. Back when I was a kid, I asked for everything, no matter how expensive it was, with hopes that it would appear under the tree. If my parents couldn't afford it, Santa Claus surely could. Then I found out the horrible truth and my lists became more realistic.
This year was no different, but I'm happy with the things I put on my list, such as:
what girl doesn't want Robert Pattinson under her tree ;)

some cozy slippers--it gets cold at night in Buffalo and to go along with the slippers, I asked for a new robe.

were asked for as well. Hopefully Santa is good to me.

Of course, that is realistic Christmas list. I also have the pipe dream Christmas list but that is another story for another time. Look for Day 9 later tonight!!
Have a great Thursday afternoon, lovelies!

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