Sunday, November 27, 2011

T-shirt Scarf Tutorial

Happy Sunday, lovelies!! I've had a relaxing weekend and I'm ready to dive into Monday through Friday.

I'm a big fan of Pintrest, a website where you have "bulletin boards" and you can post almost anything from the web to your boards. I am addicted and I've gotten my sister addicted as well. My boards run the gamut from boys to food to crafts to home decor. During my Pintrest travels I found a way to turn an old t-shirt into a scarf and I wanted to do a tutorial. My first tutorial!! I hope you like it!
To start, all you'll need is an old t-shirt--prints or patterns if you're feeling bold or a solid color for a more classic feel--and a pair of scissors.
I chose my 80's party standby for a band I love.

and rock it out!! I had to take a picture of the finished project with just a liiiittle bit of attittude thrown in.
(I made those earrings too!)

It's really simple to do and if you're getting rid of a lot of t-shirts, just think of all the scarves you can make :)

That's it from me's time to hang out with mom and catch Once Upon a Time and catch up on the DVR.

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