Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4-5 PM Monday-Friday

The Dead Zone.
That time at the end of the day when you have an hour to go and you are watching the clock count down til you can go home.
This is the time my brain always wanders and thinks that looking up pictures of classic album covers featuring kittens rather than the band members is a good idea.
(Go to to see what I mean.)
This is also the time of day when I start to see what amazing blogs are out there, full of beautiful, talented, hilarious, strong women. I found some amazing ones, today, that I am so looking forward to following!! One is an old school classmate of mine--Lindsay over at Little Mudpies--and her crafts are fabulous! There are a few I'm itching to try. I also found Ma Nouvelle Mode, which is great for every type of idea from hair to crafts (and other blogs). And Awesomely Awkward who is just adorable. Those are only a few of the lovely ladies I've started following.
I don't have any followers yet, but hopefully that will change. I have a lot of ideas, a lot of opinions, and a lot of fears that I know I'm not alone in having and I hope that my blog attracts other people that may have the same fears, thoughts, and opinions.
I'm also getting started in the wonderful world of DIY, which started about a year ago when I decided that I did not want to spend $13 on a peacock feather headband. So, I am getting A LOT of ideas from many wonderful blogs for pretty things to create and wear. I plan to add some of these things to my jewelry line, Bella Diamante (pop over to facebook and be a fan).

I hope that you will enjoy reading and following me as I face life, head-on and in true Taurus fashion, taking the bull by the horns.

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