Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi lovelies!

Today was great. 
The gloom has cleared =)
(Thanks to my two best friends and some country music)

Today was my first official bank holiday. I've been employed with the bank for two weeks and already I had a day off.
My sister, Ashley, and my best friend, Jackie (the aforementioned best friends) are in from out of town.
Every Thursday, when they lived here, we went line dancing. 
We went last night, and it was a blast.

Today, I got to sleep in a whole two extra hours. Woo hoo!!
And errand running with my sister followed by crafting and getting ready for the craft show tomorrow with Ashley and Jackie.
And watching Crazy Stupid Love, in which Ryan Gosling is perfect, Emma Stone is gorgeous, and Steve Carrell is hilarious.

All in all, a good day. I hope tomorrow will be just as great!!
And I hope you all have a great tomorrow, too.

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