Tuesday, March 27, 2012

megan's got a lovely secret

hello, beautiful girls!! i hope you are all doing well :) I had a great weekend...saw THE HUNGER GAMES. Holy, my goodness, was it amazing!! exactly like the book. I had goodies from start to finish. Before I saw the Hunger Games, my friend Blair and I went for ear candling. It sounds dangerous, but it's really not. Basically, they use fabric that's been rolled into a hollow cylinder. They put it through a hole in a tin plate and stick it in your ear. Then they light it and as it burns and generates smoke, the smoke creates a vacuum and sucks all the garbage in your ear into the center of the cloth.

there's me, getting it done!! I sleep like that too haha (except then I have my eyes closed and don't have a candle in my ear).

There's a reason you're here and I know it's not to see my pretty face haha. You're here for the polish! Who am I to make you lovely ladies wait??

Tonight's mani is brought to you by a little Birchbox find and my first essence :)
I started with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure base coat and two coats of Zoya Megan, which was a mini in the January Birchbox
this is under artificial light

with flash.

thennn, I got out my trusty tape, cut it into a triangle 

and painted over it with Essence Colour n Go A Lovely Secret
super easy, super fast, super cute!
(with flash)
A Lovely Secret is a mute purple with purple glass flecks in it. This is my first essence and I love it. I definitely need to get more :)
overhead lighting.

You guys like? I hope so!!

Be back soon with something else fabulous!!
until next time.
xo, ali
ps. sorry about the corny subject line haha

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