Monday, March 12, 2012

Mani Monday, hey!

hello, hello lovelies!! I certainly hope that life is treating you well. Things have been up and down on my end, but I'm making out okay, all things considered.

I know I have been lax in this blogging situation. I hope that I can maintain some kind of routine now that I've gotten a new computer that actually works. I became a Mac this past weekend and I love it already!

I've also found a ton of new nail polish blogs to whet my appetite until I can shop again. One of my new favorites, hotpinkaurora just hit 250 followers and is holding a giveaway of Sinful Colors Castaway Collection. The colors are amazing and I've definitely entered. Jump on over and see for yourself!

Let's get down to business, shall we?
This week's mani is one off my lust list by OPI called I Eat Maine-ly Lobster from the Touring America collection. I simply adore it. You know why?
Because it looks like that! It is such a juicy coral color full of shimmer.
In full sunlight because spring is springing here in Buffalo.

This is under overhead lighting, right after I painted them. I went out with my bestie, Jen, on Saturday night so I had to make sure I was on point ;) Met up with some old friends that Jen and I hadn't seen in years and caught up. Then we danced the night away til last call. Between that and losing an hour and seeing Van Halen in concert with my dad on Friday night, I'm exhausted!

I did say that spring is springing here in Western New York and I've got the proof!
Purple crocuses (croci?) coming up on one side of the house
Snowdrops on the other side of the house.
Contrary to popular belief, spring does arrive in Buffalo in a timely fashion haha.

And, my Sabres are marching on towards a playoff spot, so...
(ps--they just won in overtime against the canadiens...woo hoo!)

Until next time!!
xo, ali

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