Monday, March 19, 2012

it's monday again!

and you know what that means!!! Time for some manicures!! I actually have three that I've done in the past week...had a bit of polish schizophrenia. I could not decide what I wanted!! When we last chatted, I had OPI's I Eat Maine-ly Lobster on. Halfway through the week, I got bored. Then it was St. Patrick's day. Then it was time to start the week. You'll get three posts in a row (I know, I know...amazing!) this week to show off all three.

To start, we'll look at what happened when I got bored and found the reinforcement stickers in my mom's "office."
Here's what the end result was:
with flash
To start, I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Smooth + Perfect in Air, which is a shimmery light blue. It's a thin, watery formula and as you can see from my middle finger, there was some cuticle pooling. 
I put down my reinforcements and used one coat of Ulta Wild Night. Clearly, I needed two coats...I'll know better for next time. :)
This shot was taken 2/3 through my work day when I stopped to enjoy the sunshine. To celebrate the warm weather, I wore my springiest frock :)

The next day, I was bored again sooooo, I broke out the shatter. 
This particular shatter is by wet n wild and I will definitely be using it more often.

That will put a cap on mani Monday for this week, but don't forget about your bonuses--Mani Tuesday and Mani Wednesday!!
And don't forget to check out Chalkboard Nails' Spring Giveaway and enter to win polishes from LacquistryPretty and Polished, and All That Glitters!

I'm gearing up for the Spring finale of Pretty Little Liars and I'm DYING to find out who A is.
Do you guys watch Pretty Little Liars? Who do you think it is?

See you tomorrow!!
xo, ali

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