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These are a few of my favorite songs...

hello lovelies!!
Sorry I've been slacking so much. I have felt so sluggish this week and honestly didnt feel like doing anything at all. It was a struggle to get out and walk 4 days this week. Last night, I was in bed by 10pm and slept through half of American Idol and a new favorite, The Finder.

oh, hello, fox, you.

So, if my subject line didn't give it away, I'm going to be talking music, today. Specifically, the songs I can't stop listening to.
iTunes has this function where you can rate your songs with stars and I actively do this. The max is five stars, but every once in a while, I'll hear a song that I want to give a five-star rating to, only to find that it already has five stars. So, I created a playlist simply called,"10 stars." These are songs I wish I could give a higher rating to. And boy, do they run the gamut from country to dance to punk.

"Blue Carolina"-Alkaline Trio
"Blue Carolina" is from their Good Mourning CD that came out when I was attending community college. The whole CD is on my "have on a desert island list."  I could listen to it over and over again. It's such a great song about wanting someone so bad. And it has some really great lyrics like, "I am nervous and anxious,  it really counts this time./You know, all my favorite singers have stolen all my best lines/well I can hardly wait til I feel the sun and your lips both pressing on my skin/Well, I can hardly wait til I can feel the thrill in my heart that starts inside your eyes/and the song in my head that burns so good in my head."
Love, love, love. While the trio is really good at writing songs that can be gory and gross in nature, they  are really good at writing love songs.

"If You Don't, Don't"-Jimmy Eat World
This song is from Bleed American, which came out in 2001. Shortly after 9/11, the title of the album was changed to Jimmy Eat World for obvious reasons.
This song...this whole album, in fact, is right up there with Good Mourning. It's just amazing, start to finish. But this song is one of my favorites. It's so lovely to sing along with and I love the lead singer's voice on it--so earnest. It's about not having any certainty in a relationship. Does she/he feel the same way I do? Is this going anywhere? If not, I wish they'd just say so!! If you don't, don't! It's a place I've been too many times.

"Your Love"-Midtown
This is from Gabe Saporta's band before Cobra Starship and off of Punk Goes '80s. You guys already know how much I love Gabe Saporta (in case you missed it...). And this is not the first time that I've mentioned this song. I absolutely love it love it love it. I love Gabe's voice and how it has electronic, dancey elements to it and that the electronic elements hint at what Gabe would be capable of with Cobra Starsip.

"Marry You"-Bruno Mars
From Doo-Wops and Hooligans, this song has been an obsession! Ever since it was used in the second season of Glee, I've loved it. It has such an old school vibe to it and I just love Mars' reasoning for getting married..."It's a beautiful night/We're looking for something dumb to do/hey baby, I think I wanna marry you." What better reason?
Oh, I also love it because he calls alcohol "Dancing juice." Yup.

"As Fast As I Could"-Josh Turner
His Haywire album has a lot of good songs (and another one is gonna pop right up), but this is such a sweet and simple song and that is why I love it so. It's about he journey to The One. It WILL be played at my wedding, someday.
Basically, I want a man to sing Josh Turner songs to me all day. Starting with this one.

"Why Don't We Just Dance"-Josh Turner
This song, also on Haywire, was my ringtone for the longest time. Turner just seems like such a down-home guy. No messin' around with fancy stuff for him. He'll dance right in the middle of his "little bitty living room."
and the sing-alongability is sky high. It puts me in a good mood when I'm stuck in rush hour traffic.

"Don't Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl"-Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schu)
This is from Glee. And was my ringtone after "Why Don't We Just Dance." It's a definite earworm and was getting stuck in my head all. the. time. I love this mash-up. I can't put a finger on why I love it so much. I just do, okay?

"Triple Double"-Girl Talk
Girl Talk is a DJ. An amazing one that is aces at mash-ups. And not just mash-ups with two songs. No. He uses like 5 or 6 in one song.
"Triple Double" is from All Day and starts off with "How Low Can You Go" by Ludacris over some Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and then forges right onto "A Milli" by Lil Wayne over '80s favorite "Steppin Out" by Joe Jackson. And it doesn't stop there. It just keeps going and being awesome. The whole CD is like that.  You can catch me car dancing to this song, all day (see what I did there?).

"Hearing Damage"-Thom Yorke
This is from the New Moon soundtrack and my Twilight fans will recognize this song from the scene where they are tracking Victoria through the woods and Harry Clearwater has a heart attack. I love how grimy the bass line sounds in this song and it's very simply  put together. Also, it does not sound organic at all. It is unapologetically electronic. Yorke's voice takes on a very moody quality and sets the tone of the song.

"Borderline/Open Your Heart"-Lea Michele and Cory Monteith (Rachel and Finn)
This is also from Glee, first season, "The Power of Madonna" episode. One of my all-time favorite mash-ups from Glee. And they are such great love songs by Madonna; so fitting for Finchel to sing as a duet. Plus, I've got it REAL bad for Cory Monteith.

"Part-Time Lover"-Matt Giraud
This guy was on American Idol with Kris Allen and Danny season 8? I think.
This is another 80s tune (sensing a theme here...) about cheating. Yeah, cheating. Matt Giraud kept his cover close to the original, very bass heavy and the bass line reminds me of what they play on Seinfeld (twicka twicka bow bow or something like that). Plus, he has a solid voice. A little creepy-looking but I'm disappointed he didnt go far. He also did "You Found Me" by the Fray that season and that is worth a listen.

"Band of Gold"-Freda Payne
My copy of this song is from the Now & Then soundtrack, which is one of my favorite movies. Not much to say about this amazing song. It's from the 70s. It's very soul/rock/disco-y. And awesome.
Given, it is a song about a marriage that really didn't make past the reception but it's upbeat.
"Since you been gone, all that's leff is a band of gold. All that's left of the dreams I hold is a band of gold. And the dream of what love could be if you were still here with me." A break-up anthem if ever there was one.

Okay. Ke$ha is dirty. She's gross. I don't think she showers all that often and she uses the C-word.
That being said, she knows how to make a dance song. This song always gets me on the floor. ALWAYS. I turn in to JWoww at a Jersey club when this is on. I have to dance, and you can't stop me.
Plus, she says this: "Go insane, go insane. Throw some glitter, make it rain on 'em."
I will, Ke$ha. I will.

We're almost done, I promise. Two more songs to go.
"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You"-the Black Kids
This song has gotten a lot of exposure recently. It showed up on 2 Broke Girls and in the prom episode of Glee last season. I love this song. It is so unabashedly hipster-esque. You know that they are wearing skinny jeans, plaid shirts and Tom's shoes. Or the girls are like Max on 2BK.
Plus, I really like any song that involves counting and your backup singers sound like guests at your super-awesome party where you are all drinking PBR and singing along with the crappy band you hired. Except, in this case, the crappy band is actually awesome.

And I saved the best for last. My all-time favorite song.
"Dark Blue"-Jack's Mannequin
I honestly don't know what it is about Andrew McMahon that is so amazing.
This song. This SONG. THIS SONG. Oh my God, I can't say enough of it.  It's sonic perfection, from the piano to the lyrics to the voice. There have been days where all I'd listen to was this song. And the video! A 1950's dance-a-thon. It's like McMahon read my mind and made the perfect video to go along with the perfect song. The culmination of it is enough to make me want to explode.
"Slow down/this night's the perfect shade of /dark blue, dark blue/have you ever been alone in a crowded room/well, i'm here with you..."

So. There it is. My 15 favorite songs. What are yours?

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