Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's Go To The Tropics!

Hey ladies!! It's Thursday night. Isn't that a beautiful thing? I'm glued to American Idol, right now and relaxing because I have a busy weekend ahead of me. It will all be worth it because my sister, Ashley @ Fatto Con L'Amore, is coming home for the weekend!! You guys should definitely check her out...she makes amazing adorable awesome cards and has some great packages available. Tell her that her fabulous older sister sent you ;)
We have lots planned--Titanic in 3D on Friday night; pedis, lunch, and shopping with our mom on saturday; and Easter goodness with our parents (church, brunch, lil gifties, chocolate, and CADBURY CREME EGGS)!!

My midweek mani definitely has me longing for the beach and 80 degree weather. It's only been in the low 50s this week and I could use some heat. Right now,  I'm rocking Wet n Wild MegaLast Tropicalia and it is GORGEOUS. I'll definitely be sporting this A LOT this summer.

Tropicalia is a pinky coral that looks amazing in natural light as above.

indirect sunlight, with a little prop from my mom's Easter arrangement on our front porch.

one more shot...ugh, just gorgeous!!

I have no idea what I'm going to do for Easter nails. Plus, my mom said she got me something for my nail art for Easter. I'm super excited!! I'll definitely be posting about that AND my Easter nails :)

Idol is killing me tonight--Elise is in the bottom two :( Thankfully Philip was safe. They are my picks this season.

The Sabres, on the other hand, are doing great. We're down to the last two games of the regular season--the Flyers and Bruins, and we're tied with the Capitals for the final playoff spot. It's the 2nd intermission and we're beating the Flyers 1-0. Fingers crossed!!

Go Sabres!!

Until next time.
xo, ali