Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First post

I spend a lot of time thinking about things i should not, people i should not care about, and things that should no longer matter to me. But they still do. I hold onto everything, for whatever reason. I'm sappy and sentimental and when i love people i give them my whole heart. I sometimes spend a few minutes wondering what it would be like if I had never introduced two of my best friends to each other. Would i have finally made him see how much i loved him? would we be together? would something have finally happened to separate she and i? he and i? I wont know. and honestly, i dont know how to not think about it. Especially since she got the guy that I knew was perfect for me. 2 years and this still bothers me.

That's been on my mind lately...go days, weeks, months without thinking about it and it hits me. I got it out of my system.
i'm giving this blog thing a shot. i want it to reflect who i think i am--a quasi-hipster, doing my thing, and including my "reflections" on life and what i see everyday. Sometimes, it may be snarky or sensitive and hopefully, all the time, entertaining.

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